London Travel Live Update

We have just released a massive update to London Travel Live, which should be arriving to your phones very soon! The idea behind update was to make one of the most comprehensive travel apps on the marketplace. We wanted to create a one stop shop for all travel information and needs. We also wanted to take full advantage of what Mango provides and allow users to pin EVERYTHING!

Thanks for everyone who bought and rated the app up. We hope you enjoy using the app as much as we do! The updates are as follows:

    • - Journey planner is now colour coded depending on what line you are using. We also did some bug fixes to make it a smoother feature.
      - You can now pin you oyster card as a live tile.
      - You can pin the tubemap for quick access
      - Find your nearest tube stations and bus stops.
      - Addedn bus routes and bus stop information.
      - Pin your bus route or bus stop to the start.
      - Added Barclays Cycle Hire information.
      - Pin cycle stations to the start.
  • - Added a Live traffic map.
  • Currency Converter Lite Released

    For those of you who are strapped for cash during these hard economical times you will be pleased to know that we have just released a free version of our application.

    Will it be a Mango app I hear you say.. of course it is, enjoy!

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    Currency Converter Pro just went Mango!

    Currency Converter Pro version 6.1 has just been released converting the app into a mango app. You are now able to pin multiple live tiles.

    To do so add a currency to your favourites, navigate to the favourites screen and hold the selected favourites down. Once the menu has appeared simply click on 'pin to start'.

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    Oyster Tile Live Released

    The humble side project, although it’s a simple application this app seems to do the one thing tfl just can’t seems to get their heads around, showing you your balance in a quick and easy way!

    This one is especially for those pay as you go London travellers. Have you ever had the feeling your low on money but don’t want to stand in a queue just to check your balance.. well problem solved, you just need to get this app! Read More

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    London Travel Live Released

    We have just released our second Windows Phone 7 application, and this time we have decided to set the bar even higher!

    With amazing visuals and enough functionality to make Inspector Gadget look like a minimalist we really have gone all out. When developing this application one of our goals was to give London travellers an app that just has it all… one centralised place involving everything to do with the underground. Our feature list says it all:

    • - Tile and Toast push notifications updated regularly.
      - Live tube status.
      - Oyster balance and season ticket details.
      - Live departure boards.
      - Station facilities.
      - Tube map and line maps.
      - Nearest tube stations.
      - Bing maps showing all stations and lines.

  • Good usability and design was also one of our objectives, and this app is sure to get some looks over your shoulder. Read More

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    Currency Converter Pro Version 2 Released

    With a little hard work the BlackLight Mobile team has finally released version two of the fabled Currency Converter Pro. For those of you who have already bought the app, you will be pleased to know that the update includes five new features. One of the features has been suggested by our users and the others well... we thought you might like them.

    One of the most prominent feature added is the favourites section, from now on you will be able to save, select and delete your most used currencies so switching between them will be a lot easier.

    Another feature added, one suggested by our users is to be able to use the last recorded rate when no data connection is available. This will be especially useful when traveling to other country's and getting hit by those connection charges.

    For those of you who always want to see up to the minute rates we have added tile and tost notifications. The tile notifications allow you to see the latest rates without even entering the application, and the tost notifications notifies you whenever your selected currency goes below a selected limit.

    The final feature is to be able to view charts of your selected currency.

    To get a good insight into all the features check out our video walkthrough or why not just download it by selecting the link below.

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    Mike Ormond Shines Light On Currency Converter

    Mike Ormond the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 representative and tech guru shines light on our Currency Converter Pro.

    "When Rehan Saeed contacted me to say he was building a currency converter application for Windows Phone 7 I’ll admit that initially I felt a little underwhelmed by the idea… until I saw his app that is…"

    Being at the very cutting edge of almost everything relating to Microsoft Windows Phone 7, Mike has been a valuable source for Windows Phone 7 developers.

    After having played about with our app, Mike found the time to create his own video walkthrough. Stating "Apart from looking great and having up-to-date rates for every currency under the sun , it has three other features" Mike had praiseworthy things to say.

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    Currency Converter Pro for Windows Phone 7

    BlackLight have just released our first Windows Phone 7 application...yay! And its a unique currency converter like no other!

    Not only does this app look great, but it also supports a number of currencies with up to the minute exchange rates. As an added bonus you can also take a look at what the currency actually looks like in hard cash. Read more.

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    BlackLight Mobile Website Launched!

    BlackLight mobile website has just been unleashed to the world!

    For those of you who are thinking who are you people? What do you do? and where did you come from?...Well we are a new and exciting mobile app development company. We thrive in making slick looking apps for Microsoft’s shiny new windows Phone 7 OS (No it’s not released yet, but we thought you should have some apps to mess around with when you break the piggy bank and buy the phones).

    So Far we only have one application to offer but that’s going to change as we are already working on our next latest and greatest app (Project X). So keep checking for updates!

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