London Travel Live

London Travel Live
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We have just released our second Windows Phone 7 application, and this time we have decided to set the bar even higher!

With amazing visuals and enough functionality to make Inspector Gadget look like a minimalist we really have gone all out. When developing this application one of our goals was to give London travellers an app that just has it all… one centralised place involving everything to do with the underground.

Good usability and design was also one of our objectives, and this app is sure to get some looks over your shoulder. Everything has been designed to be very easy to use and in touch with the windows theme. The live tile blend in nicely with whatever accent colour you have chosen and the application also supports light and dark theming.

For those of you who have multiple oyster accounts or want to keep tabs with your family's accounts, you can register multiple oyster cards and view how much money you have as well as any travel cards (with starting and ending dates).

Another prominent feature is the favourites section, not only does it allow you to save, remove and refresh underground lines but you can also do the same with individual stations and departure boards for your specified platform!

Finally the application also integrates Bing maps to give you your nearest tube stations (with route finding) and a map of London with stations and underground lines overlaid. So if you do get lost in the streets of London finding your way home is just a click away.

For those of you who are still not sold on buying this app, we also want to let you know that we still have one or two features in line for version 2!


  • - Tile and Toast push notifications updated regularly.
  • - Live tube status.
  • - Oyster balance and season ticket details.
  • - Live departure boards.
  • - Station facilities.
  • - Tube map and line maps.
  • - Nearest tube stations.
  • - Bing maps showing all stations and lines.
  • - Favourites



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